Amazon Inc. is an American e-Commerce company and is the largest Internet-based retailer of apparel, books, electronics, furniture, jewelry, and many more in United States. Amazon has separate retail websites for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, China, Brazil, Mexico and India.

Single Product Listing:  Product listing, as its name implies, is the listing of all products in a specific category, and it is the best-known part of category pages. Typically, your customers review the list of products and then decide which product best fits their perceived needs. Amazon customers want the right product at the right price, but they also want to buy from sellers who have a trustworthy, reliable, and service-oriented reputation. A solid seller reputation, represented by a high feedback score, begins with product listings. Inaccurate listings confuse the market and create unrealistic expectations. When listings are out of line, buyers can hold you accountable. Accurate product listings reduce the confusion that leads to negative feedback. Paying close attention to negative feedback and product reviews is one way to monitor your listings. Correcting errors advances the goal of more accurate listings. The upshot of this virtuous cycle is more sales and less negative feedback.

Bulk Product Listing: It’s no secret that one of the biggest headaches for online-retailers is managing and creating Amazon listings, especially if it’s hundreds or thousands of them. The reasons are quite justifiable as Amazon takes this process very seriously, requiring online retailers to fill in all the mandatory fields while creating the listing, including item’s EAN and UPC codes. This policy surely serves customer’s purpose and those who prefer to know the most precise information about the product being bought and the category to which it belongs. But it also implies that it takes more time for retailers to prepare their items for Amazon. Amazon Bulk Lister, created by Linn Systems, not only simplifies this task but also speeds up the process of creation bulk listing and increasing sales profits. LinnLive bulk listing tool allows you to list any of your products on various channels from a single place. So, with your entire valuable inventory in one easily manageable infrastructure you will certainly cut out those unnecessary mistakes from re-typing product type and description. The LinnLive Bulk Listing Tool can accurately translate your listing, helping your business communicate with a new and profitable global marketplace, therefore benefiting from an increase in sales. The LinnLive Bulk listings tool make life easier for the day to day running of your business, it will more importantly create a much easier experience for your ever-expanding customer base.

Optimized Product Listing: Amazon is a search engine just like any other, so it’s important that you think about optimization and how optimization best practices may have changed each year. If you’ve never worried about optimizing your products for Amazon you don’t have far to go, but now is a great time to start creating a strategy. Google should be your first priority, but for e-commerce companies or companies that focus on selling a product, Amazon is probably a close second. Helix Logix uses advanced third party listing software like Vendio, Linnworks, Blackthrone, Solid Commerce, Amazon Bulk Listing, Auctiva, LinnLive, etc., to add thousands of products across the marketplaces with 99.95% accuracy and in quick turnaround time. Our experts strictly comply with Amazon’s product detail page guidelines to create well-optimized product listings that not only boost your web presence but also lead to a substantial increase in product sales and conversion rates.

If you want success on Amazon, you need to understand how Amazon’s Search Algorithm works. The Amazon product management team at Helix Logix precisely does that! We help online retailers not only to optimize their product content to increase visibility, but also gain in Amazon ranks and delivers search results. Helix Logix does Amazon Search Term Optimization to ensure that all the keywords are in fact recognized accurately and also that the available keywords fields are best utilized by you. We do Amazon Title Optimization to ensure your customer are 100% confident in making a purchase based entirely on the title alone. Optimal title lengths are typically between 80 – 250 characters but vary based on category and can be up to 500 characters. For instance, Amazon suppresses products with titles longer than 80 characters in the apparel category. Helix Logix manages Amazon Product Reviews together with relevant product content. The product reviews drive conversion, which in turn drives sales history, consequently increasing your SERP rankings! We do Amazon Product Discoverability in order to increase traffic to your listings. We are Managing Parent/Child Variations by grouping product listings together as parent/child variations to increase the visibility of your child SKUs.

Inventory Management: Helix Logix provides services to easily create, edit and track your inventory using advanced inventory management tools such as Auctiva, SolidCommerce, M2E Pro . You can even receive alerts when your inventory drops below your predefined thresholds to ensure that you always have items on hand to satisfy your customers’ needs. From image management to shipping configurations, to custom tax setups, and everything in between, Auctiva Commerce makes it simple to update your store. Auctiva’s advanced order management dashboard allows you to view your orders at a glance and process them in bulk or individually. Mark orders as shipped, add detailed notes, process refunds and more—all from one integrated order management console.

SolidCommerce monitors inventory changes as orders come in and products get restocked, pushing updates to all of your storefronts. SolidCommerce created inventory management software that keeps everything in one place.  When you sell an item on one channel, inventory levels are automatically updated across all your sales channels. Helix Logix can set up multiple warehouses within your account in SolidCommerce. SolidCommerce let you assign specific quantity levels to each marketplace, thereby concealing your remaining inventory.  SolidCommerce allows you to save Storage Locations that match your physical warehouse. You can print pick lists that are organized by aisle and bin location, allowing you to pick, pack, and ship faster than ever before.

M2E Pro will help you to maintain full control over your inventory even if you have a very limited number of products available for sale online. It is never a good idea to run out of stock. There is nothing more annoying than having orders that you cannot fulfil. It is particularly annoying when such order(s) are on a third party channel like Amazon, because they really do not like this and will penalise you. Helix Logix can help you here using M2E Pro.

AppEagle inventory management add-on called Quantity Sync will keep your available quantities in sync across your listings based on the settings you specify. Keeping track of available quantities is crucial for any online seller. Once you begin selling the same products on more than one marketplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your available quantities in sync. AppEagle will track each sale and update the quantities on your listings so that you never have to worry about overselling. As soon as a sale occurs on one marketplace, AppEagle will immediately update the listings on your other marketplaces that share the same SKU.

Competitor Analysis: To learn which competitor is at your heels and which one is munching away your share at the Amazon webstore, you will need to carry out an in-depth analysis or simply, avail our Amazon competitor analysis services. Helix Logix provides you detailed and accurate insights about your key competitors, the strategies that is working for them and failing them, their capabilities, weaknesses, and their plans by conducting a SWOT analysis. Helix Logix has been providing specialized Amazon Competitor price monitoring and tracking services since 1999 and has completed several projects for retailers selling a wide range of products. Our real-time competitive analysis services also cover gaining information about the preferences of the customers. Our professionals produce actionable reports and make suggestions to help you develop a better hold on the market, make informed decisions and generate more revenues.

Price Adjustment: AppEagle’s mission is to make the world more automated and data-driven. They transform the way organizations do business by creating a new standard for remaining relevant. They challenge conventional thinking and they never settle for average. The power of repricing comes to life with AppEagle’s strategies. AppEagle provides the blueprint for successful selling with preconfigured, the freedom to experiment with custom, and expertise to win you the buy box with algorithmic. AppEagle is a fully automated intelligent repricing engine and competitive analysis tool for online sellers and has Inventory Sync to ensure you never oversell but can offer all of your inventory on the marketplaces that you trade on. AppEagle tracks each sale and updates the live quantities on all of your listings so that you never have to worry about overselling. AppEagle is a competitive price management platform that helps online merchants gain critical exposure and increase sales across all of their marketplaces. Using AppEagle’s repricing software, merchants can manage pricing across all their marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, using a single interface. AppEagle added a feature that lets retailers set their listings to “Get the Buy Box” and have AppEagle use its algorithms to get and retain the buy box on a product detail page where the purchase process begins.

Optimize Listing Images: To be successful on Amazon, you need to have high quality constructed titles, a great description, high quality images and all the right keywords. We manage this process by using the latest tools and research methods to find the best keywords for your products by hand, although we use technology to automate our process and to maximize efficiency, we check each listing manually to insure we are using the best keywords, maximizing the keyword usage and making adjustments where necessary. We believe that to be successful on Amazon, you need to have the experience and the right type of person to handle your Amazon account. Not everyone is fit for e-commerce, as we all know it’s very tedious and hard work. We take pride in our work, and it’s a reflection of our company. When we hire our staff, we hire based on core values and talent. By hiring a person based on values, it shows that they will be passionate about their work and what they do. This is very important when you decide to have a company handle your listings. Not only do they have to have passion, but they need to be able to do the job right. Without passion, there is no purpose.

Order Management: One of the core functions of Linnworks is order management. The system features complete order management cycle from an order, printing invoice and marking it as shipped, which is capable of downloading orders automatically from many different channels (eBay, Amazon, Magento, osCommerce, and other websites), merge the orders with payment files and follow up on the sale (where facility exists). One of the unique features of the system is ability to link order management to your inventory control i.e. whenever the order is placed and processed the stock level will be modified accordingly and then pushed back to all of the other channels that you sell the same item on, therefore reducing the risk of over selling. All of your pending and processed orders are located in one centralised place, so you can see which items need to be packaged, shipped, and tracked without ever having to switch screens. Processing an order on Linnworks couldn’t be easier. Helix Logix has year of experience in using Linnworks to manage orders.

Shipment Management: A fulfillment service is a third party warehouse that prepares and ships your orders for you. Using a fulfillment service is a great option if you don’t want to have to deal with shipping, or if you’ve grown beyond your existing warehousing capabilities to a point where you can’t ship items manually anymore. Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon lets you store your inventory and fulfill your orders from an Fulfillment Center. Printing shipping labels with Linnworks is simply a matter of selecting the right shipping provider for each sale, and printing straight from Linnworks database. Setting up all of your different shipping provider couldn’t be easier. Just select them from the shipping menu, or upload CSV files for shippers that aren’t found. Then your information automatically integrates with all of your active marketplaces. Embedding or printing removable shipping labels is also a breeze. Linnworks software will send tracking information from your shipping companies straight to your channels so you know items are on their way. That includes notifications from drop-shippers and overseas couriers as well. Shipping management allows for the printing of postage labels for current orders directly using the customer’s delivery information.