App Eagle

AppEagle is a competitive price management platform that helps online merchants gain critical exposure and increase sales across all of their marketplaces. Using AppEagle’s repricing software, merchants can manage pricing across all their marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay and Rakuten, using a single interface. AppEagle added a feature that lets retailers set their listings to “Get the Buy Box” and have AppEagle use its algorithms to get and retain the buy box on a product detail page where the purchase process begins.

AppEagle’s mission is to make the world more automated and data-driven. They transform the way organizations do business by creating a new standard for remaining relevant. They challenge conventional thinking and they never settle for average. The power of repricing comes to life with AppEagle’s strategies. AppEagle provides the blueprint for successful selling with preconfigured, the freedom to experiment with custom, and expertise to win you the buy box with algorithmic.

AppEagle provides competitor insights to sellers, as well as reporting that enables users to monitor the performances of all their marketplace listings. In addition, sellers can synchronize their inventories across marketplaces with AppEagle to ensure quantities are always current. Sellers can also set up custom rules to keep their prices lower than, or on par with, the competition. AppEagle is a fully automated intelligent repricing engine and competitive analysis tool for online sellers and has Inventory Sync to ensure you never oversell but can offer all of your inventory on the marketplaces that you trade on. AppEagle tracks each sale and updates the live quantities on all of your listings so that you never have to worry about overselling.

Whether you’re just starting out, a seasoned seller, or switching from another tool, AppEagle makes it easy to get started. Below we’ve added a brief summary of what AppEagle can accomplish:

Repricing Frequencies: AppEagle helps you eliminate manual pricing research, stay ahead of competition and win more Buy Boxes. Maintain a true competitive advantage and watch as your sales and profit margins grow. AppEagle offers two types of repricing frequencies: Hourly and Continuous. Basic plan includes Hourly Repricing, while Premium and Enterprise plans include Continuous Repricing. AppEagle’s unique Continuous Repricing option will never stop checking your competition and updating your prices. Continuous Repricing keeps you ahead of competition at all times and dramatically increases your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Win the Buy Box: Win the Buy Box enables you to compete exclusively with the Buy Box offer while ignoring all other sellers. When using Win the Buy Box, AppEagle will reprice you within your Min and Max parameters to get you in the Buy Box for as often and as long as possible. Win the Buy Box algorithm will consider certain metrics such as fulfillment type, seller rating, and feedback count to come up with a “Beat by” amount for each listing. AppEagle will continuously lower your listing’s price in small increments using the Beat By rule until your offer wins the Buy Box. Once your offer is in the Buy Box, there will be an attempt to raise your price if there is sufficient data to do so. If the Buy Box is lost as a result of the price increase, Win the Buy Box will attempt to get it back immediately. If AppEagle have not raised your price, this means AppEagle have determined doing so will cause you to lose the Buy Box based on your competitors. Sellers and listings that cannot win the Buy Box will have their prices lowered until they hit their min price.

Inventory Management: Once you begin selling on more than one marketplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to track and keep your inventory up-to-date across all of your listings. AppEagle Inventory Sync eliminates this problem by tracking each sale and updating the live quantities on all of your listings so that you never have to worry about inventory being out-of-date or overselling. As soon as a sale occurs on one marketplace, AppEagle will immediately update the listings on your other marketplaces.

Currently AppEagle support,,,,,,, and Support for European eBay sites is coming later this year with and by end of summer followed by, in the Autumn.

AppEagle inventory management add-on called Quantity Sync will keep your available quantities in sync across your listings based on the settings you specify. Keeping track of available quantities is crucial for any online seller. Once you begin selling the same products on more than one marketplace, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your available quantities in sync. AppEagle will track each sale and update the quantities on your listings so that you never have to worry about overselling. As soon as a sale occurs on one marketplace, AppEagle will immediately update the listings on your other marketplaces that share the same SKU.

Featured Merchant: Customers see products from Featured Merchants first and they occupy the Amazon Buy Box, making for an ideal way to get past your competition. Featured Merchant Status (FMS) makes you eligible for premium locations in or below the Buy Box. Your listing can appear in one of these ideal slots on the main listing page and if you want a shot at the Buy Box, you need FMS; without it the Buy Box is out of reach. There is only one seller who wins the Buy Box listing, and he or she is always chosen from the Featured Merchants pool of listings. Amazon takes various factors into account when granting Buy Box placements, starting with Featured Merchant status and including everything from your price, customer ratings, shipping, to number of listings, and sales rate. If you fall slightly short of obtaining the Buy Box, you can still get placement to the bottom right of the Buy Box page and be featured in the “Other Sellers on Amazon” section (also on Featured Merchants).

Amazon makes its huge customer base available to even the smallest businesses, and Featured Merchants have the highest, most visible status on the site. There is no set list of rules from Amazon for FMS, but there are guidelines that you should follow to achieve the coveted title. First you need to become a Pro Merchant. Anyone can do this by paying a monthly subscription fee and also closing and commission fees. Being a Pro Merchant has its own advantages; for example, you can use automated tools for tracking and listing items and avoid paying a fee per item for your sales. It makes sense to be a Pro Merchant anyway if you sell at least 40 items every month.