Auctiva is an eBay auction management system which is used to automate the task of placing listings on eBay. Auctiva is an excellent service for eBay sellers. This is an all-in-one website that really makes the eBay selling process simple. Auctiva’s one-page listing tool dramatically reduces the time it takes to list each auction. The scrolling gallery helps you cross-market and increase customer traffic. Profiles will save you both time and sanity in not having to type repetitive information into hundreds of listings.

Listing Tools for eBay: A great-looking eBay listing garners increased views and higher bids. Auctiva’s one-page listing tool automates much of the eBay listing process, allowing you to effortlessly create more listings in less time. By utilizing Auctiva’s listing profiles for commonly used information, scheduling and auto-relisting features, as well as integrated checkout and shipping insurance—all of which minimize the number of steps needed to list on eBay making your time more profitable.

You can easily schedule your listings to post to eBay whenever you want, and edit your unsold closed items before listing them again. Also, load your group or batch of items into Auctiva’s powerful eBay inventory management system and then automatically place your eBay listings one after the next until all are sold.

Auctiva offers hundreds of appealing eBay listing templates. Helix Logix can configure these specially-branded eBay templates for you. These templates are developed to complement eBay’s category structure and provide you with eye-catching and memorable eBay listings.

Management: Helix Logix provides services to easily create, edit and track your inventory using advanced inventory management tools such as Bulk Edit, Product Import/Export and Inventory Tracking down to the product variant level, if desired. You can even receive alerts when your inventory drops below your predefined thresholds to ensure that you always have items on hand to satisfy your customers’ needs. Your customers can easily create accounts with your store, allowing them to quickly and simply become repeat buyers. Powerful integrated email marketing tools allow you to maintain contact with your customers and keep bringing them back to your shop. Auctiva’s advanced order management dashboard allows you to view your orders at a glance and process them in bulk or individually. Mark orders as shipped, add detailed notes, process refunds and more—all from one integrated order management console. Easy-to-use, browser-based tools make it a snap to keep your site current fresh and up to date for your needs. From image management to shipping configurations, to custom tax setups, and everything in between, Auctiva Commerce makes it simple to update your store.

Marketing & Promotion: One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site is through product feeds to the major comparison shopping engines. With Auctiva Commerce, once you’ve set up your feeds you can “set it and forget it!” Auctiva’ll automatically send a product feed to each of the comparison shopping engines you choose. By using this automation Helix Logix ensures that your products are up to date and helps bring buyers to your store. Use our simple sitemap submission and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to ensure that the search engines know about your site, and can send shoppers your way. Advanced on-page SEO ensures that your site ranks highly with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search providers. Give your customers a deal with coupons and/or volume discounts. Helix Logix can create coupons on behalf of you which are applicable to shipping, specific products or the entire order. You can also configure the number of uses, maximum value, combine-ability, expiration date and more for each coupon you create. Use volume discounts to encourage larger basket sizes and increased order quantities. Let your customers tell the story with advanced product review features. Reviews can be moderated, restricted to registered users, configured to require email verification, and more! This powerful tool helps create trust—especially with first-time visitors. Let your customers know what’s happening at your store with the built-in Email Marketing system. You can easily and quickly notify your customer base regarding sales, upcoming events, discounts and more. Create your own HTML templates, or use the preconfigured templates that are provided for your convenience. Increase your average order size and get more of your products in front of active buyers using the built-in cross sell and up sell tools. Cross sell and upsell scenarios can be created on a per product basis allowing you to easily create targeted cross and upsell scenarios. These proven product-marketing techniques can easily generate incremental order revenues from committed buyers.

Merchandising: Helix Logix can give your store the perfect look with one of Auctiva’s free themes. With more than 95 to choose from, you’re sure to find a theme that fits your style. Using Auctiva’s Store Designer Helix Logix can easily customize your theme to present the look and message you want. You can even create 3 draft versions that you can work on independent of your live store. Helix Logix can create an unlimited number of options, and include image swatches so your customers can easily see what they are buying using Auctiva. You can even track your option-based inventory all the way down to the product variant level, so you never run out of the size-Large, Red shirt that everyone wants. Shoppers like to view their purchases from all angles before committing to a purchase. Add product images from multiple angles to showcase your products and help your customers feel comfortable about what they are buying. There’s no limit to how many images you can display per product. Easily showcase your featured products on your home page with the click of a button. Auctiva Commerce will automatically display a random selection of your featured products. Using the Store Designer, you can even configure how many featured products to display, and adjust the title, display size, and more to suit your needs. Showcase your bestselling products, your newly listed items, and/or display your customers’ recently viewed items with our powerful product display widgets. Place them where you want on the page and configure them to suit your needs!

Checkout & Payments: Sell with confidence knowing that the entire checkout process is secured using Auctiva Commerce’s enterprise-grade wildcard SSL. As an additional benefit of using Auctiva wildcard SSL, you are not required to purchase an SSL certificate—saving you up to $150 per year. Enable and accept the payment types that most customers demand. You can accept credit card payments, PayPal and Google Checkout, as well as offline payment types such as check or money order. Process your online payments using the highly popular or PayPal gateways. Bi-directional communication ensures that the payment status of your orders is always up to date. Shipping and tax calculation tools make it easy for your customers to know the complete order cost during checkout. This helps reduce cart abandonment, refund activity and chargebacks. Tax and shipping charges are automatically added to the order total and highlighted on all pertinent order documents and reports. Advanced options for customization of shipping and taxes allow you to accommodate detailed and complex shipping requirements. You can define detailed shipping and tax rates by country, zone or even postal code. Auctiva Commerce also integrates with numerous shipping carriers so you can provide real-time shipping rates to your customers during the checkout process. Customers today can get to your store from all points of the globe. Easily allow your buyers to view your prices in any currency you choose using Auctiva Commerce multi-currency feature. Exchange rates are automatically updated so your prices are up to date in all of your chosen currencies.

Customization: Helix Logix can easily customize your storefront pages using the Store Designer customization suite of Auctiva. With its drag-and-drop configuration, it’s easy to customize the look and feel of your storefront to suit your needs. You can also easily edit widgets on a per page basis to customize the content that is displayed. Easily add custom images and custom CSS to your store via the Store Designer. This feature makes it easy to store non-product images and make minor CSS tweaks and adjustments ‐ for example you can easily move most page elements using the Custom CSS feature. Store up to three unique draft themes, in addition to your live theme. This allows you to create, customize and edit drafts without impacting your live store. Then, when you’re ready, launch your new design to the world.