inkFrog is an eBay certified solutions provider. inkFrog is one of several online auction management solution providers designed for use by eBay sellers of all sizes. Because the service is fully integrated with eBay, when you create an eBay auction, fixed price, or eBay Store listing through the inkFrog Web site, using their custom tools and software, the listing is automatically listed on eBay.

inkFrog’s full platform offers you everything you need to list and manage your eBay listings including some great features like; Unique one step lister, template builder, order manager, eBay messages manager, picture manager and much more. It’s an incredible system designed to save you time and create perfect looking listings.

Some of the main auction services and tools offered by inkFrog include image hosting, sales management, site counters and even an eye-pleasing gallery showcase that you can automatically embed right in your action listing to show prospective buyers other items you currently have listed on eBay. Here we take a look at the different tools offered by inkFrog and highlight how to get started when selling on eBay.

Lister/Schedule: inkFrog offers an integrated eBay Lister that lets you use their site for creating your listings. You can use as many images as you want and set preferences for scheduling, automatic re-list, and winning bidder notifications. Helix Logix can choose a template to match your item type or category using inkFrog’s lister. The lister can be used for any type of auction including fixed price, standard auctions or even store inventory. Helix Logix can configure your listings on, eBay motors,,,, and other global eBay sites. Helix Logix can build perfect listings in inkFrog’s unique eBay listing interface, create variations and multi-sku items.Listing profiles allow you to create prefills for each section of inkFrog lister. So you can list fast and quick and move on with your day. Store your listings in your very own library forever, create folders so you can organize your listings how you want, find them quickly using our custom filters and create your own saved searches. It’s extremely powerful and is what every eBay seller needs. inkFrog template builder will allow you to create a perfect, professional looking eBay listings. Start with one of inkFrog prebuilt themes, then modify it with WYSIWYG editor to suite your taste and style, add your logo, tabs, custom text, payment and shipping terms or whatever you like. You can use a custom template too if you like.

Image Management: Helix Logix can upload, edit, store, and retrieve your images with inkFrog powerful image management tools, store your images forever without worry. Helxi Logix can even upload your images directly from Dropbox! Using the image hosting service lets sellers upload auction images and then manage them from the inkFrog Web site. There are three different ways to upload, including a bulk FTP upload option. Once your images are online with inkFrog you can use their image management software to sort and preview, or use an online image editor for image cropping, resizing, rotating and other basic manipulation functions.

Order & customer management: Helix Logix can configure inkFrog so that all of your orders are imported into inkFrog for quick and easy management. Helix Logix prepared inkFrog update paid and shipped status and automatically notify your buyers of your updates. As a result managing orders is easier than ever.

Sales Manager: The Sales Manager is an interface that is integrated directly with eBay Checkout. Sellers can use this to manage their sales tasks, such as tracking which items need to be paid, which items need to be shipped and which buyers require feedback. Helix Logix sets inkFrog’s Sales Manager software so that it can automatically send out e-mails to your customers and send eBay invoices directly through the inkFrog system.

Inventory: The inventory system, designed primarily for large sellers, lets you track what items you have on eBay, it alerts you to when you need to order more items, and also tells you when you should list more items. Using the auto listing option, high-volume sellers can have their items listed automatically based on inventory level.

Showcase: inkFrog’s Showcase tool is a gallery, designed to work like a virtual store that allows buyers to browse all of your eBay items directly from your listing page. Using this Flash-based tool Helix Logix can automatically inserted into all of your eBay listings and shows thumbnail images of each of your auctions or fixed price listings. Buyers can click on any image to view that eBay listing.

Counters: There are several types of auction counters to choose from, including hidden counters, so sellers can easily keep track of hits to their auction pages to see which items and what time of day the listings get the most views.

Importers: The importer tools let you import all of your current and closed eBay listings into inkFrog’s system. With the imported information Helix Logix can re-list using inkFrog’s management tools.Helix Logix can also import your Turbo Lister listings into the system using a bulk import tool.