Linnworks is a state of the art web-based platform that reinvents online sales productivity. With latest technology Linnworks works beautifully across all of our favourite devices, it has never been easier to dominate online ventures. Linnworks takes control of online selling with powerful, effective system that automates core processes and saves you time and money. Linnworks integrates the entire multi-channel sales process – handling everything from order management, stock control, shipping, listing, repricing and much more. Best of all, Linnworks is highly affordable, giving smaller and medium-sized online retailers the same powerful tools as the big corporations but at a fraction of the cost of custom systems. It comes with no commission, no costs per transaction and no contract agreements.

Linnworks is a powerful product that can manage your entire online sales operation, as well as automate inventory, order and shipping management. It is perfectly positioned to view and organize your orders from eBay, Amazon and your web store in one simple screen, and especially useful for managing stock levels. When the stock level changes for a particular item, Linnworks goes to all the channels and updates the available stock on all the integrated selling venues automatically. Additionally, when you make a sale on one channel this results in a stock level change and Linnworks will update all the venues to indicate that one of the sold items is no longer available.

Helix Logix will automate your eCommerce business with Linnworks, installing the software and integrating it with your eCommerce sites and marketplace stores. We can also provide guidance and advice to make sure you get the most out of this comprehensive software package. Below we’ve added a brief summary of what Linnworks can accomplish:

Channel Integrations: Linnworks is assumed to be the central repository of your stock levels. Stock levels are synchronized across all channels from Linnworks master stock. Using Linnworks you’ll be able to integrate all of your channels into one centralized interface that takes all the guesswork out of selling. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling across three channels or three hundred – it takes almost exactly the same amount of time to create listings, print invoices, and generate shipping labels. Linnworks easily integrates with sites like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and hundreds of other platforms and they are constantly on the lookout for even more. Linnworks multi-channel inventory management connects your inventory to your various channels to provide accurate stock levels. So when an item sells on one eCommerce site, your other listings adjust automatically to account for it.

Order Management: One of the core functions of Linnworks is order management. The system features complete order management cycle from an order, printing invoice and marking it as shipped, which is capable of downloading orders automatically from many different channels (eBay, Amazon, Magento, osCommerce, and other websites), merge the orders with payment files and follow up on the sale (where facility exists). One of the unique features of the system is ability to link order management to your inventory control i.e. whenever the order is placed and processed the stock level will be modified accordingly and then pushed back to all of the other channels that you sell the same item on, therefore reducing the risk of over selling. All of your pending and processed orders are located in one centralised place, so you can see which items need to be packaged, shipped, and tracked without ever having to switch screens. Processing an order on Linnworks couldn’t be easier. Sort, reallocate, print and package to your heart’s content all without leaving your centralized order screen. Our order management software also communicates directly with your vendors, so you’ll always have the latest, most accurate stock levels in hand. This means you can assign shipping providers, notify drop shippers, and add tracking information from your centralized warehouse all in a matter of seconds.

Stock Control: Linnworks completely re-imagines inventory management and stock control. When an item sells, all of your listings will update, and our system will even suspend future listings if your stock levels reach zero. Once you restock, the selling automatically continues. Once your various stock channels are synchronized with your eCommerce listings, there’s nothing left to do but collect the profits. Helix Logix helps you to synchronize your stock using Linnworks. Linnworks stock control software also allows you to use our data import tool to upload/download all of your stock information straight into our system. Every time a new CSV file is uploaded, the system makes stock updates, price changes and more – automatically.

Shipping Management: Setting up all of your different shipping provider couldn’t be easier. Just select them from the shipping menu, or upload CSV files for shippers that aren’t found. Then your information automatically integrates with all of your active marketplaces. Printing shipping labels with Linnworks is simply a matter of selecting the right shipping provider for each sale, and printing straight from Linnworks database. Embedding or printing removable shipping labels is also a breeze. Linnworks software will send tracking information from your shipping companies straight to your channels so you know items are on their way. That includes notifications from drop-shippers and overseas couriers as well. Shipping management allows for the printing of postage labels for current orders directly using the customer’s delivery information. In the case of multichannel order management, Linnworks will record the tracking numbers for the consignments and will submit the parcel tracking information to the channel once the order is fulfilled.

Product Listing: Linnworks is the ultimate listing software because it makes all the hard choices for you. Once you upload a product into our inventory, it can then be added to eBay, Amazon, Magento, and Bigcommerce without any additional customization. From eBay bulk listings to exclusive Amazon repricing tools, we give you the technology to simplify the entire listing process.Translate your listings on eBay into a variety of different languages using the power of our automated CBT tools. Sync cross border and overseas listings with your activity at home, all without breaking a sweat. Linnworks gives you the tools to create the perfect template for all of your listings. Simply tell the system how you prefer your layout once and it will remember your preferences until the end of time.

Reporting: Linnworks gives you that power right out of the box to create reports on specific channels, custom date ranges, and specific products and categories. Digging down deep in the metrics is easy with this software. Reporting with Linnworks starts directly from the dashboard. View performance metrics for your top 25 sellers, stock tables, shipping reports, cash flow analysis, and many other insights to help you drive daily operations. Linnworks also dives deep into monitoring your inventory performance, with dozens of customization and viewing options available. Track products sold, pricing changes, stock notices, and the overall impact on your business. Linnworks Analytics is a comprehensive reporting tool that sits directly on top of Linnworks database. Linnworks Analytics is based on OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) concept, therefore it is extremely flexible, functional, fast and capable of dealing with huge datasets. The tool allows you to build your own reports and manipulate the data to get the answers you are looking for.

Customization: The Rules Engine that allows you to set common automation functions for everyday tasks, saving you even more time from your already busy day. Since Linnworks included an Open API, Helix logix can integrate some or all of your other productivity software to link with Linnworks. With a vast array of customization options available, you’ll be ready for the future.