M2E Pro

M2E Pro is a Magento trusted (TM), award-winning extension, which allows merchants of all sizes to fully integrate Magento based system(s) into eBay platform. M2E Pro is an eBay compatible application which interacts with all 23 major eBay, 7 Amazon and 2 Rakuten (USA and UK at the moment), including eBay Motors. M2E Pro is an extension for Magento that helps you sell your products from your Magento catalog on eBay/Amazon/Rakuten and manage your sales within Magento. It can provide a full Inventory Control, Centralized Data Management, Flexible Pricing settings, usage unlimited number of Stores & Accounts, Task Automation, support of 3rd Listings Import, Order Management and many other tasks which significantly reduce time required for listing maintenance. M2EPro collects orders from the marketplaces and delivers them into your Magento orders screen for processing.The M2E Pro listings are based on 3 types of templates: Selling Format, Description and General which provides flexibility and minimizes efforts.

Truly Multi Channels : M2E Pro uses only native capabilities of Magento without creating any additional layers (i.e. middleware) or utilization of a cloud (i.e. saving merchant’s data off site). It just fully integrates Magento backend with eBay, Amazon & Rakuten marketplaces around the globe. Think of eBay, Amazon & Rakuten becoming a integral part of your Magento system.

If you sell one item on three channels, then it has to be listed on each channel. Thus you have to enter it three times. Now most of the stock control solutions typically let you create a single entry, and then it is pushed onto each channel. Helix Logix can do this for you by M2E Pro.

Third party sales channels charge commission. Amazon for example charges 15% on much of its categories. Thus you either have to increase the price of your offerings on these channels to maintain your margins, or accept a lower profit. However Amazon frowns on you undercutting them on your own site. Amazon UK actively seeks out such undercutting and treats each case as a policy violation. After a few of these you get suspended and subsequently banned.

Inventory Control: M2E Pro will help you to maintain full control over your inventory even if you have a very limited number of products available for sale online. Listing the same and the only product across multiple locations has never been easier! The moment such product gets sold in one location, M2E Pro will automatically stop listings for this product in all other locations; later, once a new stock gets delivered for that product to a warehouse, – all globally linked to such product listings will get activated.

It is never a good idea to run out of stock. There is nothing more annoying than having orders that you cannot fulfil. It is particularly annoying when such order(s) are on a third party channel like Ebay or Amazon, because they really do not like this and will penalise you. Helix Logix can help you here using M2E Pro.

Centralized Data Management: M2E Pro uses Magento core system as a main data source and allows users to enter all product related information (including pictures) in one place – in Magento backend. All the information from Magento gets automatically synchronized across relevant marketplaces.

With M2E Pro, you can manage your product inventory on one place, from backend of your Magento. Additionally, advanced customization of M2E Pro also allows you to specify the different product inventory for each marketplace. So, you can allocate the different product quantity as per the performance of each marketplace. Furthermore, if any of the products sold out on eBay or Amazon, you can specify rule to decrease the product quantity automatically from Main website inventory as well.

Flexible Pricing: M2E Pro allows merchants to define different pricing strategies depending on a marketplace. For that simply apply a relevant rule to a Magento price and M2E Pro will take care of the rest. Helix Logix can run promotions and automatically update your prices as often as you want using M2E Pro on behalf of you.

Unlimited Stores & Accounts: M2E Pro will flexibly connect all your marketplace accounts and all your Magento web stores to a single data set managed solely under Magento backend. In this regard Helix Logix can configure and list products and items easily across multiple markets without manually creating the listing at each marketplace through M2E Pro.

Fully Scalable & Customizable: M2E Pro is proud to have exceeded over a dozen of thousands of installations worldwide and over years of working closely with our merchants we have developed a unique, flexible & policy based system, which allows our users to configure their M2E Pro module to suit their specific needs.

Task Automation: M2E Pro has flexible and very powerful mechanisms allowing you to automate your data management routines. Listings can be revised in bulk (rather than individually) saving your company time and eliminating errors.

Order Management: For every order received on eBay, Amazon or Rakuten there will be a matching order created in a Magento system. This will allow any order regardless of geography or marketplace to be treated as an ordinary (i.e. native) Magento order. An order status or a shipping information (i.e. tracking detail) changes made to a Magento order will be automatically reflected in original order at a relevant marketplace, allowing users to perform order management solely from Magento backend. Managing orders over multiple marketplaces can take a lot of time. Keeping stock up to date and matching in all marketplaces can be a cumbersome task, thankfully this is all handled by M2E Pro without any issues.

Support of 3rd Party Listing Tools: M2E Pro provides support for any manual or 3rd party listings. Products that have been listed elsewhere can be mapped to existing products from Magento catalogue and the mapping process can be automated. Furthermore, if you have listings that have not been created in your Magento catalogue, M2E Pro will generate relevant records in Magento automatically when an order containing such products is received from a marketplace.