TeraPeak is an unmatched market research tool for eBay and Amazon sellers, but it’s also an amazing resource for building your listings. It is a tool that help you sell products more profitable, easily discover top selling products, uncover your competitors bestselling strategies, determine how much an item is worth and how well it will sell.

TeraPeak is the leading provider of e-commerce market intelligence. TeraPeak offers software solutions designed to help retailers grow their online sales. TeraPeak offers both free and paid service options. The free membership provides access to helpful business intelligence tools such as the MySales Dashboard while paid subscription plans provide access to powerful eBay market intelligence tools.

TeraPeak is supposed to provide you access to data from eBay that can help you determine what to sell, at what price, and in what category. It’s designed for eBay newbies, as well as Top Sellers, and it is often put to the test against the free search tool provided by eBay. So can this software really increase your eBay sales, and is it worth paying a monthly fee for.

TeraPeak is the leading source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior in E-Commerce. E-Commerce merchants use TeraPeak’s online analytics platform to evaluate pricing, sourcing opportunities, market trends, product behavior across regions and their competition. TeraPeak provides marketplace analytics on eBay, Amazon and Yahoo! Japan, and merchants can view their own sales performance across multiple channels through TeraPeak’s MySales product.

Market Research and Analytics Good market research is key to success in any selling endeavor. For eBay sellers, the market to be researched is the eBay marketplace and its customers, and the gold standard for eBay research is TeraPeak, not least because it is web-based and mobile-device based (and thus available to PC, Mac, and other computer users alike) and tightly integrated with eBay. TeraPeak and many of its competitors give sellers tools that go well beyond anything offered by eBay directly. TeraPeak offers sortable hot lists of all current top-performing eBay categories, listing the overall sales rank for the category and the sell-through percentage for items listed there.

Listing Scoring and Optimization TeraPeak can now analyze, help you to optimize, and automatically update the listings on eBay channels you’ve linked to MySales. TeraPeak analyzes your eBay listings and offers in six essential areas, each of which impacts buyer decisions. Once a listing has been scored, use guided help and smart TeraPeak data to walk through each part of your listing and make recommended improvements—then take these improvements live with a click.

Listing Scoring and Optimization allows merchants to select a segment of products and score their listings on a scale from 0% to a highest possible score of 100%. Merchants could, for example, score their top five performing products or their five lowest selling goods. For each listing, the tool breaks down the overall score into scores for individual criteria, and it explains why the merchant received these values.

Afterwards, TeraPeak provides a guided workflow where merchants can repair the problems and automatically update listings on eBay. Once they complete the optimizations, merchants can use Performance Analysis in MySales to annotate their sales performance charts and track the impact of the recommended changes.

Terapeak aims to expand the number of scoring criteria from six to 18 over the next several releases. Listing Scoring is available to all 200,000 Terapeak merchants, including those with a free subscription to MySales. The Listing Optimization workflows are available to paid subscribers only and designed specifically to increase sales.

Competitor Monitoring: Terapeak’s key features allow for competitor benchmarking, price research and listing optimization.  Helix Logix can provide data on competitor pricing, top selling products and trending categories to further help you refine your selling strategy using Terapeak. If you’re serious about becoming a professional eBay or Amazon power seller, one of the most important tools you will need to have is a professional research tool that can easily give you an advantage over your competitors so that you can outperform them, and make more money. The right market research tool can double, or even triple, your business revenue. While it’s not always a good idea to imitate another seller’s listings directly, use the listings of your top competitors as inspiration to help you to add features to and make choices about your own listings and the ways that you present your product. The listings view in the competitor research tool shows you all of the seller’s item listings across the date range you’ve chosen. The best selling titles view in the competitor research tool gives you the top products or titles for the seller you’re researching over the period you’ve selected. Like most forms of useful market research, competitor research isn’t a one-time thing, particularly if you’re selling in hot eBay categories or have a large number of well-performing competitors.

Keyword Research Suggestions: Keywords are very important for optimizing your website. If your pages are properly optimized, they can bring you much more targeted visitors from search engine result pages. Basic keyword searches are a great way to start, but Terapeak also offers advanced capabilities that can help you to get directly at the information you need to make sourcing and selling decisions. Amazon and eBay search engines connect keyword searches made by shoppers with relevant product listings. The eBay search engine matches search terms against keywords found in listing titles, category names, item specific values and description text.

External search engines such as Google and Bing also rely matching keyword searches with text in the listing. External search engines contribute traffic to e-commerce marketplaces, though they tend to have different visibility into listings than marketplace search engines.You can generate reports from the keyword results found in the hot research section and title builder at any time. These reports can help you to further analyze the results.

Marketplace Research: Veteran eBay sellers know that good marketplace research is an essential part of selling success on eBay. While there are competitors, Terapeak has long been eBay’s supported marketplace research provider, also playing a role in providing eBay’s listing analytics tool, which will become increasingly important to sellers wanting to make the most of the new Cassini search platform on eBay.

At the same time, the world has changed since eBay was the only real game in town for independent sellers. These days, many sellers sell on Amazon.com in particular, though often grappling with the pros and cons involved at the same time. For these sellers, finding comprehensive marketplace research data for Amazon.com has long been a difficult proposition. That all changed this week with Terapeak’s announcement of Terapeak for Amazon.com, which provides marketplace research data for Amazon.com sellers as well.

Terapeak for Amazon includes current and past offer, ranking, condition, and other data for products in the Amazon.com marketplace, as well as searching and filtering to help sellers to monitor data based on specific criteria. The launch of Terapeak for Amazon.com (following closely behind Terapeak’s other recent product launch, MySales) gives you more data to inform your decision to select one marketplace research provider over another. Other services may be somewhat less expensive, but much more narrowly focused. This move demonstrates Terapeak’s intent to become a universal resource for e-commerce across the board.

Terapeak is an eBay and Amazon research tool. It’s a tool that helps you sell products more profitably. It lets you easily discover the top selling products on both eBay and Amazon. It enables you to uncover your competitors bestselling strategies, determine how much an item is really worth, how well a product will sell and when it sells best. It’s the type of tool you may very well find indispensable.