WidgetChimp unique template builder has been designed from the ground up, to allow you to create 100% Responsive eBay templates. Create your very own fully Responsive design which look amazing whether viewed on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone. It is for exactly this reason you won’t have to type a single character of HTML code anywhere. WidgetChimp have built a seamless, yet intuitive “Drag & Drop” interface which puts you in total control of how your listings look & feel.You can control every aspect of your eBay template from the layout, to the content and even the colors of the layout, all in a really easy to manage interface.

With WidgetChimp account you can create as many templates as you need in your account for no additional cost. This is perfect for running different styles through the seasons of the year, or any special promotions you would want to run. Alternatively additional templates are perfect if you are selling internationally on eBay allowing you to run templates in different languages specific to the country you are selling in. You can easily translate each section into different languages!

There are 11 layout styles, over a dozen color options, the ability to add custom background shadows and over 30 pre-made color schemes to choose from. With your WidgetChimp account you can create & save as many Responsive eBay listing templates as you need in your account for no additional cost. This is perfect for running different styles through the seasons of the year, or any special promotions you would want to run. Alternatively these are perfect if you are selling internationally allowing you to run templates in different languages specific to the country you are selling in.

Logo Widget: With this widget anyone can display business logo anywhere you need in your listing template. If you don’t have a logo yet you can pick from over 25 pre-made logos. Also your logo by default links to your eBay store and if you don’t have an eBay store just yet, to your sellers list page on eBay. You can also use a full width image as the logo and allow it to span the entire top of your listing template for maximum impact too. With this way Helix Logix can help you to display your logo.

eBay Search Box Widget: You can let your customers find the other products in your eBay store easily. With the search widget you can customize the text that appears in the search box, its size and where it searches too as well. We know that some sellers prefer buyers to search the seller’s list page, while other sellers prefer that buyers search their eBay shop. Helix Logix can integrate Search Box Widget for you.

Navigation Bar: The navigation bar widget gives you ultimate control over the main navigation bar in your listings. It’s responsive too, so when a customer is view in your products on a mobile phone, it collapses and is finger-tapping friendly. You can change the home icon, select whether to include your eBay store categories as a dropdown menu, add custom links, to your eBay store or other listings, add a search box and even a daily deals widget too! Because the navigation bar is a special widget and of high importance, this widget also comes with explicit options to change the color scheme to one that perfectly matches your business identity. Helix Logix feels it on behalf of you and tries best to configure Navigation Bar as per your necessity.

Daily Deals: By adding a daily deals widget to your listing, you can promote a special eBay listing to appear on all the listings that are using this template. If you decide to change the daily deal, change the item number, any customization settings, press two buttons and the latest daily deal now appears on all the listings that are using the template.

Multiple Tabs: Sometimes you have a lot of information to convey to customers, if you were to put these into one long table then the template could scroll on for ever. By using the multiple tabs widget you can add up to 4 custom tabs to display common information such as your payment, delivery, contact and about us. You can also change the icons on these tabs, plus the heights, add in any of the +1,400 icons and they collapse gracefully on small screens too.

Social Accounts: Your customers are everywhere, they’re on eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest, amongst others! With this widget you can add in your social accounts, customise the social sharing icon and links and display them in your listing template.

Item Description: While you customize each listing with its own description when you list to eBay using the template or revise a live eBay listing using our very simple revision tool, there are additional options that you will find handy for your business. Such as being able to add a custom message to the bottom of all your listing descriptions, the ability to change the section’s title and icon, to include your listing title, plus whether you would like the star ratings from the eBay reviews widget to appear under the listing title too.

Listing Title: Using this widget you can place your eBay listing title anywhere you wish in your Responsive listing template. While it comes with numerous design options, the main one is the font size and color, plus the ability to attach it to the description widget at the top, with the customized settings. Helix Logix can do these for you.

Custom Messages: Helix Logix can add your own HTML, set them to have a border, a title & icon if you wish. Anywhere you would like a custom message you can use these widgets to add your own custom content anywhere in the listing template. You can also select from over 1,400 pre made icons, flag icons, courier images and payment logos to show in the custom messages widgets.

Related Products: Being able to cross promote and upsell your customers is key to a successful business on any website, let alone eBay. There are two layouts to choose from and you even have granular control over the keywords that are used to display the related items, you’re able to refine them by your store categories or both!

In the simple create or revise tool in WidgetChimp, adding and customizing these refinements is made easy and no need to try and locate your store category numbers, WidgetChimp is directly linked to eBay, so we download them for you and make it as simple as a dropdown box to select from.

eBay Item Specifics: This is another prime example of how powerful WidgetChimp is. This widget allows you to display your eBay item specifics in your listing template either in a separate block or you can also attach them to the bottom of your listing description as a table. Helix Logix can configure it for you. They’re updated nightly so if you make a change to your item specifics, they’re updated the next day, no need for you to do anything at all, leaving you the time & effort to focus on the rest of your businesses success.

Breadcrumbs: With the breadcrumbs widget you can show your customers where they are and because they look similar to the eBay breadcrumbs. The chances are higher that a passing customer will carry on to your eBay store, rather than back into the wilds of eBay.

Customer Reviews: Using the original eBay reviews widget you can show your eBay feedback in your listings.If you have received feedback for a specific eBay listing, then the widget switches to the feedback that your customers have left you about that eBay listing. Think about that, customer reviews for the product that they have bought and if there aren’t any yet, then you can show the last, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9 or 10 comments from your customers right back in your listings. And of course, they’re automatically updated so once you add the widget, that’s it you don’t need to do anything more, it updates itself.

Custom Alert Messages: Thinking back to last year when we had strikes by Royal Mail and then the snow, almost every eBay seller was affected. With the custom alerts widget you’re able to apply a high visibility messages to all of your listings easily. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to wait for an extreme event to happen, you could also use this widget to inform customers of the daily order cut off time, so that you can squeeze in a few extra sales each day.

Dynamic eBay Store Categories: This is another one of those widgets that you normally have to pay extra for in old style listing templates. However with WidgetChimp this is included and comes with extra customization options found nowhere else. Dynamically updating, you can show your eBay store categories in your listing template, select from 3 different formats and change the color scheme to meet your businesses branding.

Responsive Image Gallery: WidgetChimp has a Responsive image gallery. This means that your product images and image gallery will resize to your customers screen size automatically. Also you can change where any additional thumbnail images are shown, at the top, left, right or underneath the main image, plus there are advanced settings to control the image sizes too. If you’re using the simple-to-use revision tool in WidgetChimp, when you revise an eBay listing to use your responsive listing template, the revision tool automatically enters the images that you have used on eBay.

Seller Report Card: This widget allows you to show your eBay feedback and detailed seller ratings anywhere in your responsive eBay listing template. Both are updated dynamically, so you drag and drop this widget anywhere in your listing template, customize any settings and forget it, WidgetChimp updates it automatically. Based upon the eBay site that your listing is from, it translates itself! It’s been professionally translated for you which can be arranged by Helix Logix so that it works perfectly with over 19 eBay sites. French, German, Spanish, Italian and so on.

Sliding Banners Widget: A widget such as this is normally an expensive addon with traditional eBay listing templates, however with WidgetChimp it’s bundled into an easy-to-use widget. You can add up to 5 sliding banners to each listing template, add a high-impact caption message, a call to action button or just leave it naked and let your artwork do the talking. With the money you save by not having to buy this extra with a old fashioned listing template, you can spend the savings on having custom banners created instead for maximum impact.

Icon Boxes : A great example of an icon box widget in use, is that of your contact details. So Helix Logix can show a large telephone icon, your phone number and your opening hours just underneath using WidgetChimp. You can of course pick from any other the other +600 icons available and enter any message you like.

Help Links: Perfectly suited to a sidebar, the helpful links widget provides dynamically updating links to help your customers find out more about you and your business. This could be to ask a question, click through to your eBay store, view your feedback and so on. The labels for these, Helix Logix can change the text to whatever you would like them to say using WidgetChimp.

Buy / Watch / Email / Ask a Question Buttons: While your customer is in your eBay listing, they can perform any of these actions using vibrantly coloured buttons. The text labels & icons are customisable and you can select just one all or 4 of these buttons to appear in your listing templates.